Hello gais it's ya boi Anomaly from Sweden.

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  1. EmK530

    5:06 unsub moment my name is emil

  2. ecchilord14

    i mean, Romanian IS a shithole of a country

  3. PuNcH 1337

    7:02 acceptус

  4. vrgamer404


  5. Alexl6l

    5:08 anomaly are you ok?

  6. Petar Manojlović

    He forgot roblox version of csgo

  7. jukesxd

    1:32 plys plys plys

  8. Shadow X

    Why ya abn alkahaba hits different when ur middle Eastern

  9. Vlnka

    Why is 75% of video an openning? :D

  10. Cameron Cassiano

    50 anomaly?????

  11. Gamepall27

    14:53 Intense Lil Anomaly football leak

  12. Flex EU

    I can't change my country on steam sad to be in France and cannot buy case on the shop. Can someone help me ?

  13. ItzInky

    Trade for blue gem

  14. Wings_of_Batrfly

    hi anomally, i want to play with u, im like a little haix :)))

  15. Qualle Jellyfish


  16. Petter Sorri

    does anyone know a good site to order flags from? :D

  17. No Anime

    Ok just make only sponsors in the intro fat sellout unsubscribed

  18. Shai Adziashvili

    11:08 burgir

  19. Sveinn Benediktsson

    Viktor fat

  20. ItsDandy

    i had a friend who did the same as you. we were in a 5 stack and queued ranked. was down 9-1 on dust 2, made a comeback, the final score was 15-15 lol

    1. ItsDandy

      baring in mind we thought it was unranked and realised a few rounds in that it was ranked LOL

  21. leviousss gamer

    3:02 LOL WHEN HE SAYS why is there so many flies here oh its probaly grandpa pappa its probaly ur channel hahahahahaaa

  22. Kolofs

    i quit csgo but i wish i was an artist to make an attempt for money

  23. CdLocalz

    titan halo now 60 k usd hahahahahahahaha

  24. Bernardo Varisco Fleck

    Give me one butterfly pls

  25. Watty


  26. bedeckt

    7:10 With how many players csgo has, theres a good chance that someone died while searching for a match.

  27. Notorious

    Play Counter Strike: Global Offensive on a Windows XP or a Windows 8

  28. johan Meland


  29. FittaKo

    Btw u can but stuff for 2 lei aka leu

  30. Ryan Pienaar

    they way they probably got covid and brought it to Sweden

  31. Anushman

    2:05 best bit of the video

  32. Samuel Urban

    5:34 piškis time :DD

  33. Jason Abraham

    Cant believe csgo stole his style n made it terrorist masks

  34. Blake for Reel

    You should’ve added Montana smh…

  35. Max

    2:31 Amågus

  36. John Pandele



    It's like hunting animals at a zoo.

  38. oTiel.Virgin

    Haix looks like Pagan from Far Cry 4

  39. oRionLoL

    Part 3 man i like pls)))))

  40. Lucas Petersen

    can i have it?

  41. Xhuntergaming08


  42. Юра Сосновский

    кто носит фирму адидас, тот лучше путина в 100 раз. (путин не бань)

  43. Mad Goose

    Anomaly just casually having 1k balance in steam Me with 1 dollar made from cases:.....

  44. XYZ

    yo on the 12th knife the counter on the left changed before the knife was even shown lmao

  45. Chad Man

    part 3 when?

  46. 0.0

    How tall is Papanomaly?

  47. /yeah right

    Please more raad :c

  48. Snoopy GaminG

    This game..... getting banned for kicking too many players?! Like it would be my fault that my team8s are trolling retard shits and they needs to be kicked in order to play..... Dead game

  49. BenjaeTV


  50. WaZar


  51. kholil .-

    Game: Mid-Autumn Festival Anomaly: Mid-Autism Festival

  52. Žirnius

    9:53 papa looks like he is about to get executed by ISIS

  53. OreOscar

    I got aids within the first second of the video. Massive like.

  54. benzin

    anomaly its like morgz

  55. MrZepyh

    mannen kan du städa någon gång eller

  56. SHEESH 123

    Anomaly makes fun on boxed blue switches when he has mx browns there the same shitty nes tbh

  57. Filipe Carvalho

    You don't need to press that unranked button... Even in ranked i've gotten 8/10 matches with atleast 1 hacker. CSGO is just beyond madness right now.

  58. machonha


  59. sweaty boy

    4:42 bullshit Емеля is name of pure славянина!!!

  60. riotlolz

    Everyone gangsta until Anomaly manages to get into a Championship tournament.


    no one: american husbands to their wives after work around the 50's: 2:55

  62. TNBelka

    А почему "L" перевернута?

  63. Roby GMG

    Im romanian :)

  64. FittaKo

    Me holidays in Romania: I hope the carnival starts cause imma rip my legs off the "Hally gally" spinny thing

  65. ottizx


  66. alonee

    2nd match is ranked xd

  67. Akif Demir

    anomaly said he doesn't gonna give money to 360stats and HE DİD. but it can be someone else's account .

  68. Skizzy

    romania shit country ;-;

  69. Itihas Adhikari

    I thought the whole video was gonne be them queueing and talking shit


    Romania here ❤️

  71. RaptorWatches

    8:20 had me dead, the way he flopped it around! X'D

  72. Vincent_ _

    3:39 *secret war codes*

  73. JxzsReels


  74. Ricardo Milos

    0:30 " Like a negro" twitter white girls are mad

  75. xenostate

    haix is annoying


    Nobody: Haix: A M O G U S