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    YEEEEE! I got to meet my friends, have fun and eat pizza! Also, new merch:

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    1. Anomaly


      1. Chillafied

        This had no need to be so funny

      2. help me for the love of shrek


      3. Опасный Бычок

        Welcome to the club...

      4. Опасный Бычок

        I'm really looking at your videos.

      5. Joel Yncio

        Anomaly, Please yesterday I got a special knife in a case. Bayonet M9 ruby Stattrak FN 0.03 and I wish you could help me to sell it. I'm from Peru. Please I just want someone reliable to help me. I'm not sure who can buy this kind of knife.

    2. somemending

      Anomaly goes to gym *almost died*

    3. 9INED42

      bruh it's a $100 CAD for just a hoodie

    4. Cairn Wraith of Sylvania

      Why did they sound like hyenas whem they laughed

    5. Lonick

      I'll be honest, that pizza didn't look that good

    6. znoid

      Mark Zuckerberg

    7. Molgan

      anomaly + friends = NO

    8. gib boy

      11:53 Ferra/Torr

    9. FastApple


      1. FastApple


    10. Nisse Sjööman

      BRA VIDEO!!!

    11. eɪ

      9:16 clown in a sewer

    12. Erkan

      *Anomaly imigrant to sweden*

    13. Mendo

      8:30 Danny Sørensen

    14. Bobby Badfinger

      All swedes are not like this wierd spoiled manbaby .. Pls forgive us people of Malta.

    15. Sewitscher HD


    16. SlavsPlayinGames

      the moment you said bretzel is shit I disliked the video

    17. Rizaldy Nor  Mohammad

      The baby just got a drip in airplane its just kill me XD

    18. Kadir Demirok

      Yarrak is turkish word wtf man how

    19. Gamesux


    20. The King Of Jotunheim

      Why not go to neighboring countries like NORWAY or finlandet or the gay adict country or valhalla country

    21. Green Pirate

      That pizza looks like it's sitting there on the table since anomaly left sweden.

    22. swe fisk

      5:59 5 FAT friends in a smal car 🤣😅😅

    23. Sh4rp


    24. Afzal

      Aren't you from sweden?

    25. Christoffer Sjödin

      This video looks like whale-hunting season

    26. Emilian Malinov

      It feels weird to see you at Frankfurt Airport when I just flew from there to Bulgaria and watching your videos for the first time in a year

    27. Nikola Mirković

      So when's the porno coming out?

    28. Smiklov

      U just threw away a pretty popular meal in my country (pretzel) (Germany) still leaving a like

    29. RecruitofApollo

      5:41 god damn that was a fucking bassy fart.

    30. Petter Olovsson

      10:20 it’s da sound of da police

    31. albert köhler

      12:39 that's when the gangbang starts

    32. Anormalwolf

      12:38 😳

    33. Oh Yeah Yeah Hd

      Anomaly is a pineapple on pizza enjoyer. Could not be more proud

    34. ED KL

      i think my heart stopt claping at the ending

    35. Edvin Lindemalm

      how did xergos age backwards

    36. Prixy

      Borta bra men hemma bäst :=)

    37. Augsburg

      Rip pretzel 🥨 that means war 🏃

    38. K!NG-KURIBOH

      Alex's fart tho😂

    39. Sari Johansson


    40. evander nilsen

      Every video Martin is getting more fat

    41. Vince

      It's a fucking bretzel

    42. SHGBilly

      I sometimes feel bad for Anomalys underwear

    43. Chillafied

      This had no need to be so funny

    44. Chillafied

      This was wayy too funny

    45. dase drift

      Cancer och cringe. Cancer-cringe

    46. hehe

      I think Anomalys dad is apetor

    47. Hasse

      Du har gjort en video på min skola i rotebro, och tror jag bor typ 5 min ifrån där du bodde

    48. Your Gym Bro

      1:32 nasıl yani aga :D

    49. jordan smith

      The photographer hates fat swedes...and there is one for every day of the week at this shoot

    50. Axaris

      10:08 is that pewdiepie? :D

    51. Norwaysmokes

      10:21 cop sirean

    52. David Axelsson

      4:23 The moment you realize you are a grown adult laughing at pe pe jokes

    53. ͘

      du luktar svettig och oduschad

    54. fearmp4

      Somehow thats not funny anymore

    55. vegadanial

      thats pewdiepie not xergos

    56. qarz

      kurre is my favorite anomaly lore character

    57. Pilkki Jaakko

      In Finland we say every Swedish people is gay but i didn't expect this much gay things in one video :DDD

    58. Aegon Targaryen


    59. Tawoorie II

      Мураманск блять

    60. win

      12:28 meme references

    61. Aidan

      Is it me or did Viktor actually lost some weight?

    62. ScrubMaster64

      oh my god, martin definitely has aged quite a bit

    63. Elias är en dummer

      Boss: are These the New Victorias secret models. Me: ....... yes.

    64. Cantona 7vbg

      13:29 anomaly drinking beer?! Oh it’s non alcoholic

    65. Cantona 7vbg

      2:41 Jesus

    66. Bajgen

      2:48 - looks like Forsen LULW

    67. pr1nce

      12:40 HAHAHA had me dead 💀😂😂😂😂

    68. Skidsrow

      Abe Lincoln gets fatted by 5 questionably heterosexual boys colorized

    69. astrobat

      No lie bass boosted

    70. Bebbel Kojak

      You are not living in Sweden anymore? Why? I didnt watch a lot videos from you 😌

    71. Yankee With No Brim

      10:45 Victor Pog

    72. Chetan Sharma

      Xergos and Alex looked the best in my opinion y is xergos so handsome

    73. MasterTomek 1

      7:31 wake up

    74. Tobias Mattsson

      Xergos looks like a 14 year old pewdiepie

    75. TheSpicyGnome

      I wondered when the yearly "(WITH FRIENDS)" summer vid whould come out haha.

    76. Артём Шульга

      Anomaly come to Moscow

    77. سپهر حسینی

      12:29 oh my god

    78. computerbytes

      Very nice reddit meetup Anomaly!

    79. PiX911 Gaming

      3:59 you shouldn't've made this mate

    80. hans Lumek

      IT IS Brezel

    81. Vidyone

      12:38 :D :D :D: :D :D

    82. One Saucy Boi

      lol imagine hearing 9:15 in the middle of the night on a camping trip in the forest

    83. Proxima

      anomaly : are we gonna fuck? **Alex naked in the next scene** very sus

    84. Remon

      Abraham Lincon? looks more like tom scott.

    85. David Eberius

      insulting german fod... check

    86. Aron Engström

      I’m from Sweden 🇸🇪

    87. Aron Engström


    88. Elijah

      If i heard anomalys laughter in public i would be terrified

    89. Eliott

      More alibaba content 👁👅👁 Petterson looks like jesus

    90. Wyrith

      12:38 we need this ass Bakround Photo

    91. Wyrith

      ATTENTION VERY ANGRY AUSTRIAN !!! 0:42 machsch du des no a mol und i bretzel dir ane so hart das da a mOrga nüm ufstoh kasch hema üs brürschli?

    92. Zferu

      12:29 lmfaoooo

    93. Panzer Schramme

      Soyboy meetup

    94. Revolvolution737

      "Das snuskish"

    95. Onslaughable


    96. NAZAKI

      Anomaly with his friends is the best content ever I laughed during the whole video 🤣🤣

    97. Wolfenjaeger

      I like how the floor actually squeaked at 2:03 when Alex walked in lmao


      im sittin here tryna figure out what pants trapper Einar is wearing no cap no cap

    99. allan


    100. weakyleaks

      Pretzel is the best food!!!!!